leiseus (leiseus) wrote,

Help me out people!

One of the guys at the job center suggested me to some company that had a division where they made company movies (I think mostly for internal use). Yesterday I had a talk with that company, 4 people, and it was supposed to be an open conversation as they said they were interested in me because I could do both video editing and IT-related things.

So I went into the conversation and one of the guys asked me, "so video editing is something you want to do?". I said "of course!".

And that was almost the end of the conversation.

I wish it was a that easy. :P He said it was nice meeting me and that I should have a talk with the video guy, because he was the expert. He was on vacation though and I have a meeting with him next week.

The thing is, they said I should bring some of my videos to show. So this weekend I will be quickly cutting some of the interesting scenes of the short movies/trailers/documentaries I have done, but I was wondering if it would be wise to put some AMVs in between that? I was thinking of putting Corazon between it to show I can do some animation and design work as well. And maybe the Youtube clip I've found of Senpai Says to show I have made a video that can rock a crowd.

So what do you think? I still have trouble in thinking how to create a short show reel that can show what I can do with video editing though...

Tags: help me with the compilation!, wait - video editing as a job?, zomg! it seems that there is hope!

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