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I need money for concerts!

Having no money sucks, this first half year I missed out on plenty of concerts because of that - most of them I really wanted to see: Imogen Heap, MGMT, Flight of the Concords and Swell Season. :\

On a bright note, I was able to go to some: Wendy McNeill was really awesome as always - she is such a good live performer, but it was a tad bit short. I saw The Molotovs after that, because it was free. I didn't know them before, but they were pretty okay.

Last weekend there was Los Compesinos and that was actually the first time I saw people jumping around, as well as body checking each other. I really felt bad for the small girls who were near the crowd! They are pretty awesome to see live because of their energy and the last song 4 of them performed inbetween the crowd, the female singer Aleksandra was so close in front of me I had backup a few times on order not to grind her!

Here are some blurry & noisy pics of the concert of Los Campesinos for your enjoyment! :P

Also, the following concerts are coming up:

April 9th - Kaki King
May 6th - She & Him

She & Him was my favorite discovery in 2008 and Kaki in 2006 (I think). It would be really awesome to see her live because her guitar playing skills are a must-see! If you don't know her, check out the next video:

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