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Promoting events for bands

As some of you know, I'm now busy with writing my Master thesis. It's sort of in the beginning stages at the moment and I'm at the point where I need to define different types of users/groups, their needs and their habits. So in order to get a impression, I need to interview some people, which actually can be anybody, as long as you listen to music and go to concerts once in a while. If you are a performer, then even better!

I have a few simple questions about music, which you can find at the following places:

If you're mostly a listener of music:

If you're mostly a performer:

You can also respond here if you rather do that.

I mostly need die-hard fans and artists that have some sort of a fanbase, as well as event promoters. They are rarer to find, so if you know some and are willing to answer some questions, let me know! If you know places to post these questions at, let me know too!

Thanks a bunch!

Tags: i owe you a cheesecake if you do, please help me out, thanks a bunch peoples!
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